Fears that a spider found in a Cowes garden could’ve been a dangerous Funnel Web have been quashed by a top TV naturalist.

Sandy Clarke spotted the eight legged creature when moving some rotting wood in his garden in Cowes

Sandy told Isle of Wight Radio “I asked a few other people and they mainly suggest its a Funnel Web by the shiny top end, tarantula look and the dull black/blue bottom body.

“They live in burrows under rotting wood. I found it clearing up rotten wood from the bottom garden”

Isle of Wight Radio to in touch Isle of Wight Zoo to see if they could help solve the mystery and friend of the Zoo, and popular TV naturalist, Chris Packham was able to shed some light on matter.

He told us it’s harmless “Not a funnel web, nothing like it at all. It may be Atypus Affinus (purseweb spider common , borrowing web tube species) but it’s fangs look too small.

“It’s most likely Trochosa Ruricola (Wolf Spider) common and widespread.”