Singer Charlotte Church and former X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson have both turned down invitations from Donald Trump to perform at his inauguration.

Church claimed she had been approached by members of the President-elect’s team on Twitter.

In a post directed to the billionaire, the singer wrote: Your staff have asked me to sing at your inauguration, a simple internet search would show I think you’re a tyrant.

Earlier this month, former X Factor runner-up Ferguson announced she had been approached by the President-elect, and said she would graciously accept the invitation as long as she could use the platform as a reminder of how love is the only thing that will conquer all the hatred in this world.

She said she would perform at the ceremony in Washington DC on 20 January if she could sing protest song Strange Fruit.

But on Tuesday, she issued a statement saying she wasn’t comfortable with the song choice made on my behalf.

She added: As a mother and an artist, I had to defend my stance. That is why I made the decision to sing Strange Fruit when I was invited.

Strange Fruit is a controversial 1930s Billie Holliday protest song associated with the civil rights movement.

I felt it was the only song that would not compromise my artistic integrity, Ferguson said.

It is unclear from the statement if the singer was in fact denied the right to choose the song.

There are many grey areas about the offer for me to perform that I’m unable to share right now, she said. But I will not be singing.

DJ Moby also revealed he had been asked to perform.

Posting on his Instagram page, he said he was laughing at the invite and would DJ at the inaugural ball if as payment Trump released his tax returns.

(c) Sky News 2017: Church and Ferguson refuse ‘tyrant’ Trump’s inauguration invitation

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