“Effective Action To Become Good” Report For Isle Of Wight’s Carisbrooke College

Carisbrooke College’s senior leaders and governors are taking “effective action to tackle the areas requiring improvement…in order to become a good school”, according to a report following a monitoring visit by Ofsted.

The school, run by the Island Innovation Federation, was judged to require improvement in March 2015.


Ofsted says the school should take further action to evaluate improvements to teaching, learning and assessment by their impact on pupils’ progress; and strengthen school improvement plans by adding measurable milestones which governors can use to evaluate the impact of actions taken by school leaders.

The school has undergone reorganisation in the last couple of years and is now looking forward to opening its new school building.

Ofsted says:

“Reorganisation of the roles and responsibilities of the senior leadership team in September 2016 provided impetus for further improvement. The executive headteacher now takes a more strategic role and you, as head of school, are responsible for the day-to-day running of the school….the senior leadership team [has] seized the opportunity to drive school improvement systematically and with determination.”

“…next steps are to evaluate the impact of these actions on the quality of teaching and levels of achievement by pupils. When school leaders identify good practice by staff and pupils, this is shared to help others learn.

“A new behaviour policy was also launched in September 2016. This sets out expectations for behaviour in lessons and a clear system of consequences if the expectations are not met.”

“The combination of more consistent behaviour management, better teaching and more effective support for pupils vulnerable to underachievement has led to a reduction in incidents of poor behaviour at the school and fewer fixed-term exclusions.

“When the analysis of validated examination results is published, you expect progress measures to show that, overall, the progress of pupils at the school is similar to national levels. The proportions of Year 11 pupils who achieved at least a GCSE grade C in English and in mathematics were higher than national levels in both subjects.

“However, progress made by disadvantaged pupils shows wide gaps in their achievement compared with other pupils nationally with the same starting points, and there is still much to do, particularly with pupils in key stage 4.”

“The governors’ decision to promote the headteacher of Carisbrooke College to the post of executive headteacher has been instrumental in enabling improvements in all three provisions in the federation. His determined, personable and effective leadership has promoted much greater openness and collaboration between staff at Carisbrooke and Medina Colleges, and he has sensibly welcomed support by Hampshire local authority advisers.”

Earlier this week, Medina College received a report following its monitoring visit.