Katy Perry has been criticised by Indian fans after posting a picture of the Hindu goddess Kali on Instagram.

The drawing was followed by the caption: Current mood.

It was deemed offensive by some Indian users, who condemned the pop star for using pics of our goddesses as memes.

Please Katy !! Don’t use such type of Indian God’s and goddess’ pics to represent our mood… Do you know what this pic means and what’s the story behind it? one Instagram user posted.

We don’t care about your mood… you should delete this post otherwise Indians soon change their mood, wrote another.

Others accused the Fireworks star of cultural misappropriation that was embarrassing our culture.

How ridiculous this? You don’t have permission to upload a picture of our goddess on this f****** social media and embarrassing our culture, wrote one fan.

Kali is the Hindu goddess of destruction and is often associated with love and sexuality.

Perry did not respond to any of the comments and has not taken the picture down, as requested by some users.

This isn’t the first time the singer has been accused of misappropriating Hindu culture.

In 2010, she married comedian Russell Brand in a private Hindu ceremony in an Indian national park in Rajasthan.

(c) Sky News 2017: Katy Perry criticised for Hindu goddess post on Instagram

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