After a difficult week, the Wightlink Warriors speedway team have started their National League season with a victory against the Lakeside Hammers.

With Tyler Govier absent with injury and young Alex Spooner guesting at reserve, the Warriors faced a Lakeside line up featuring last week’s impressive visitor Zach Wajtknecht and the experienced Ben Morley.

James Cockle celebrates victory last night. Picture by Ian Groves
James Cockle celebrates victory last night. Picture by Ian Groves

It was Morley who created the first piece of action on the night by touching the tapes in heat one and being handed a 15 metre penalty. With rain starting to fall and getting heavier Jamie Sealey took his first ever race win for the Warriors in heat two whilst heat three was run in conditions that made visibility for the riders very difficult and prompted a meeting between the referee, team managers and captains.

Fortunately, the rain was easing and to the credit of all parties, heat four proceed with a great tussle between the Warriors guest Liam Carr and Zach Wajtknecht of the Hammers which went in favour of the visitor who was picking up from where he left off last week.

Despite the difficult conditions Warriors were able to provide ten of the fifteen heat winners and with the Chris Widman and the reserves chipping in valuable points, Warriors only needed two points from the last race to take victory. Carr and skipper James Cockle duly obliged with a 5-1 win awarded after the Hammers number one Ben Morley fell at the end of lap three.

Jamie Sealey on his way to his first win for the Warriors. Picture by Ian Groves
Jamie Sealey on his way to his first win for the Warriors. Picture by Ian Groves

Warriors were warmly cheered on their victory parade and co-Promoter Barry Bishop was clearly delighted as he took the centre green microphone to praise all of his team, the encouraging crowd, the work of the track staff and the professionalism of all riders especially the visitors who offered full co-operation and support in getting the meeting through to a safe and satisfactory conclusion.

Final score: Wightlink Warriors 49-41 Lakeside Hammers


Warriors: scores: Ben Wilson 9, Rider Replacement for Tyler Govier, James Cockle 13+1, Chris Widman 6+1, Liam Carr 14, Jamie Sealey 6+2, Alex Spooner 1, Jamie Bursill DNR.

Hammers: Ben Morley 5+1, George Hunter 7+2, Rider Replacement for David Mason, Alfie Bowtell 10+1, Zach Wajtknecht 14, Jamie Couzins 3+1, Nick Laurence 2.

Warriors now have a week to explore team re-structuring with the next action at the Andrew Younie Smallbrook Stadium on Thursday 18 May at 7pm when the Cradley Heathens are the visitors in the National League.


Contributed match report.

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