Island hotel retains Michelin star


An Island restaurant and hotel has retained its Michelin star.

The Hambrough, owned by Robert Thompson, is the only establishment to boast the prestigious award for excellence on the Isle of Wight.

The Ventnor hotel is one of 18 to be awarded one star in the recently launched 2013 Michelin Guide.

And Editor Rebecca Burr told IW Radio’s Tom Stroud that more areas of the Island are included in this year’s edition: “I’m pleased to say that we’ve filled some of the gaps around the Island. We’ve added restaurant Justin Brown over in Freshwater, a very ambitious restaurant over in Farringford House. And we also have a new pub addition, the New Inn at Shalfleet.

“Certainly the Isle of Wight used to have one or two places. Now you’ve got the Taverners over in Godshill, and you’ve got the Pond Cafe in Bonchurch – another super little place there – so, you’re doing very, very well,” Rebecca added.  

In total, 346 restaurants and 138 hotels have been added to the guide this year.

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