Sainsburys will find out today if it will be allowed to sell alcohol until midnight at it’s superstore in Newport. Police and Newport Parish Council have raised concerns.

The Sainsburys superstore on Foxes Rd can currently sell between 8am and11pm Monday to Saturday and from 10am till 10pm on Sundays.

The store’s undergoing a massive expansion and the company wants to extend it’s license so it can sell booze from 6am until midnight 7 days a week.

Police have raised concerns about the thefts of alcohol from the store and asked that CCTV Cameras be installed wherever alcohol is on display

Officers highlighted 9 cases of alcohol theft at the store in the last year including trolley dashes where a significant amount of goods were stolen.

Newport Parish Council has also  raised concerns that the new hours could pave the way for 24hr alcohol sales and that later alcohol sales would heighten existing problems of drunken behaviour and disorder in the area.

Council bosses are due to make a decision today.