Islanders can now use their smartphones to locate shipwrecks in waters off the West Wight.

It’s down to a new app being launched by the Hampshire and Wight Trust For Maritime Archeology. Using the app people can point there phones at a stretch of water and find out what lies beneath and how it came to be there.

The project has been funded by the West Wight Landscape Partnership and also includes a booklet for those without smartphones.

Steven Fisher from the trust says the Island’s water are full ship wrecks. “They easily number in the 100’s I’d have thought. On of the busiest places for shipwrecks off the Isle of Wight is The Needles because of the very difficult passage you have through there. There are dozens of vessels that have been wrecked there.

“One of the more interesting ones is HMS Pomone which was a Napoleonic era warship that was on it’s way back from the Mediterranean, and that grounded on The Needles at night when the master mistook the lighthouse there for the one at Hurst Castle. The crew were all saved fortunately and so were a cargo of horses that had to be pulled out through the gun ports but the ship itself was a total write off. It was discovered again in the 1960’s.

Find out how to download the app on HWTMA website.

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