Customers have been evacuated from a rollercoaster after it broke down at Blackgang Chine.

Around 20 people were lead safety by staff after the Cliffhanger rollercoaster broke down before finishing it route this afternoon (Wednesday 11th April).

Park Manager Dan Selle told Isle of Wight Radio “The ride stopped just before coming into the station due to a technical fault. We have a procedure in place for this type of incident and scaffolding was erected to enable the passengers to get off the ride as quickly and safely as possible.

“The rollercoaster will be out of action until the problem is resolved. No one was injured the incident”



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    • Neil Stables Wow front page news for the county press on friday…. Its not the first time its happend nor will it be the last….
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    • Joanne Cumberpatch Do they not test b4 opening it only just opened
      11 hours ago · 
    • Amanda Ring Was running fine when we were out there today, half hour before it closed isnt too bad.