An improvement plan to raise standards at Sandown Bay Academy is not fit for purpose, according to Ofsted’s first monitoring inspection since the school was placed in special measures.

As Isle of Wight Radio previously reported, the Academies Enterprise Trust school was judged to be inadequate in all areas following an inspection in January 2013.

The report found that teaching isn’t good enough and too many lessons are interrupted by poor behaviour.

Ofsted revisited the academy on 29 April to discuss actions taken since it was placed in special measures.

Principal Shaheen Khan-Jones and senior leaders were praised for responding positively to concerns raised in the last inspection, and are said to be addressing aspects of the academy’s work which need urgent improvement. Some progress was said to be already evident.

Students’ attendance was also improving as a result of a cut in the number who are persistently absent, and the academy is on course to improve GCSE examination results in 2013.

However, whilst many elements of improvement planning are in place, there is concern that governors cannot carry out their vital function of holding the academy to account because they do not have regular updates.

The sponsor, AET, is not well informed about some aspects of the academy’s developing planning processes and how plans are progressing.

In conclusion, although the academy’s statement of action is fit for purpose, Ofsted did not find the same for the improvement plan which will now be scrutinised during the second visit.

The academy is being recommended not to appoint any newly qualified teachers.


In response to the findings, the school said that staff and governors at Sandown Bay Academy are committed to making improvements as quickly as possible.


Despite inspector’s concerns about the improvement plan not being fit for purpose, the school said it was down to an easily rectifiable issue that has already been addressed.