Education on the Isle of Wight is on the agenda at Westminster again.

Councillor Richard Priest, who has responsibility for children’s services, which includes schools, is meeting Minister of State for Schools David Laws in London.

Councillor Priest will be reporting on progress since the launch of the partnership with Hampshire County Council which aims to raise standards and support struggling schools.

Commenting on the most recent provisional Key Stage 2 SAT results for 2013, released last week, Councillor Priest told IW Radio:

There are one or two areas of progress that we are really delighted to see, particularly in terms of Oakfield, and there are one or two areas that still need to be developed. Working in partnership with Hampshire we are really clear about that and that’s a really positive thing. I’m going to see the Minister today to echo some of those things and to echo the support, hopefully, that the government and Hampshire will be able to give to us. I think this is a really good basis to go forward from; consolidating last year’s results, some really good beacons to demonstrate the Island has got areas of strength, but still recognising there are areas that we need to do quite a lot of work to take forward.

Un-validated SAT results show a slight improvement when compared to 2012. At Level 4+ Writing was 82.3 per cent compared to 81 per cent in 2012 and Maths was 81.8 per cent compared to 79 per cent last year. Reading has slightly fallen, with 83 per cent compared to 84 per cent last year.

For the first year, pupils also sat a new grammar, punctuation and spelling test, The Isle of Wight average for this was 67 per cent at Level 4+.

At Level 5+, Reading was 42 per cent, Writing was 25.9 per cent and Maths was 33.1 per cent.

National comparisons for 2013 will be available once results have been validated which is expected in the autumn.