facebook 404

A Facebook page apparently set up to abuse a victim of a crash on Mersley Down Road has, tonight (Monday), been removed from the social network site.

Hundreds of people visited the page which posted a series of statuses about 14-year-old Kiri-Jade Hodgkinson who died at the scene of the two-car collision on Thursday in which a 67-year-old Barbara Ford also died and three others were hurt. Many appealed directly to Facebook for the page to be shut down.  It responded to one complainant saying,

We reviewed the post you reported for containing graphic violence. Since it violated our Community Standards we removed it…

Isle of Wight Radio has contacted Facebook to request a comment. A number of complaints were also made to Hampshire Constabulary and the force urged people to report the site. On its Facebook page on Thursday night Hampshire Constabulary wrote,

We have received a number of calls this evening regarding a facebook page which is causing harassment, alarm and distress. Hampshire Constabulary recommends anyone who has viewed the page to report it to facebook as offensive. We would like to reassure the public that we are looking into the matter and would urge the public to ignore the contents and accusations on the site and to treat it as false and malicious.