The Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service has confirmed to Isle of Wight Radio that circumstances surrounding the cause of a fire in Cowes, are not being treated as suspicious.

An ‘accidental ignition’ caused the huge blaze which started in a car workshop, shortly after 12.30pm in Cowes – according to the fire service.

Photo Credit: Alan Marsh
Photo Credit: Alan Marsh
Firefighters have now left the scene at Medina Village in Cowes – more than 24 hours after the incident was first reported. They will continue to check the site every three hours. Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Group Manager, Dean Haward, said:

“Our fire investigation is still on-going, but we can say that we are not looking for any suspicious cause. We can put it down to an accidental ignition. “We have liaised with police – as we would with a situation like this – but there is no need to bring them in for this investigation.”

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