An Island footballer who’s currently in Hampshire’s FA centre of excellence is hoping to one day join the national women’s team.

Mia Ross – who also plays for Newport’s girls team – travels to Southampton regularly to play with the Hampshire FA squad. She’s hoping to make it into the England Women’s team one day, and says she’ll keep striving for success. Mia said:

“I first started off at the age of two just kicking the ball around with my dad in the garden and I just carried on from there, I found Newport and played for the under 8s until I found my Hampshire team which I play for now.” “It’s just a really good achievement, any girl would want to play a game of football with the Hampshire team, it’s the best thing that I’ve ever done.”

Mia’s dad Stuart Ross is Newport’s Youth and Women’s Football Development Manager, and he’s keen to boost the popularity of girls football on the Island. Stuart said:

“I believe that girl’s football hasn’t had the sort of pathway for them here on the Isle of Wight whereas I see that much more on the Island, and I feel like there’s a lot of young girls here that are interested in playing football, particularly after the success of the England Women’s team in the World Cup.” “I’m very fortunate to have a talented young daughter, she started off at Newport and progressed for a couple of years and I saw some talent, she was very interested and so dedicated, so I took her to the mainland for a trial at the Hampshire FA Centre of Excellence which is part of the FA England girls pathway, and she was successful in getting in.”