The deputy leader of the Isle of Wight Council has criticised government plans to make all schools academies.

Councillor Steve Stubbings has doubts over whether the plans will benefit Island schools. He’s convinced that the council’s efforts to improve schools have been sufficient – and doesn’t want school changes to affect that. The government wants to make all schools in the country into academies by 2020. Cllr Stubbings said:

“To be honest we’re a bit baffled about it, I think you’d find a consensus view across the administration that we’re slightly surprised that the government has gone down this route, we don’t have a huge amount of evidence here on the Isle of Wight that the acadamisation of schools necessarily improves standards.” “When we first came in there were a significant number of schools under special measures, we’re now right down to hardly any, I think it’s down to one or two maximum, I think we’ve seen vast improvements since the changes in relation to our relationship with Hampshire around providing education on the Island, so yes I’d be concerned that there could potentially be backward step here.”