Plans have been revealed for a revolutionary new link between the Isle of Wight and Gosport, on the mainland.

Aerial Platform Rider Installations Limited is hoping to build the the Fly First Air Tram – which will connect Ryde with Gosport – across the Solent. Plans submitted, which look set to be given the green light, will see several pylons built in the Solent to allow cable cars to travel to and from the former Harcourt Sands site in Ryde. A similar system is in place over the River Thames. cable car IOW Pets and bicycles will be allowed on board, with trips expected to take around 20 minutes – but slightly longer in adverse weather. Pedro Uno-Davril, Director of the Midlands based firm, told us:

“The construction of several pylons will be carried out in the Solent, but they won’t be an eyesore. We will make sure they blend in and we will paint them the right colour. “It will really connect the Isle of Wight with Gosport. It will mean people can jump on the cable cars and go shopping in Gosport with great ease. “It will boost tourism in Gosport – and hopefully in Ryde. It will mean re-developing part of Ryde and closing off some of Appley Beach, but it will be worth it. “It will become a real tourist attraction and make the Isle of Wight even more attractive. “We hope to start the build this year as soon as the plans are agreed – we don’t expect many objections.”

Ryde Councillor, Wayne Whittle, thinks the idea is fantastic for the Island:

“Anything that can boost the tourist trade has to be a good thing. I really can’t see many negatives at all. “A new link which flies over the Solent will open up a whole new game for us. I’m sure there will be some terrific views as well from the cable cars.”

*UPDATED 12pm *Happy April Fool’s Day from everyone at Isle of Wight Radio!