The Isle of Wight is enjoying a mini heatwave, with temperatures set to reach 29’c this afternoon (Wednesday) according to the Isle of Wight Weather Centre.

*UPDATED Sandown Beach Temperatures on the Island are expected to be at their highest around 4pm this afternoon. The Isle of Wight Weather Centre website says:

“There is a risk of extremely hot weather affecting the Island until Sunday. “A large hot air mass will bring very hot temperatures from today (Wednesday) and continuing through to Saturday where it could peak at 30°c+. “Over the course of Thursday and Friday, and throughout the evening and overnight, we could see heavy thundery downpours. We are forecasting an 80 per cent chance of a storm at this time, any rain could cause local flooding.”

While enjoying the glorious sunshine, Islanders are also reminded to make sure they are wearing suncream and stay out of the sun at its hottest point of the day. Public Health England says the most vulnerable – including older people, young children and babies – could be at risk. Meanwhile, temperatures across parts of the south east of England could hit 32’c today – according to the Met Office. *UPDATED 2.38pm *According to the Isle of Wight Weather Centre, temperatures near Newport have reached 31’c this afternoon.