A secret operational base bunker used in the Second World War has been discovered on the Isle of Wight.

bunker arreton The bunkers would have been used to house men whose job it was to disrupt any invasion by the Germans during the war. The bunker would have been used by the Arreton Patrol. It has a 20ft escape tunnel and around seven or eight men would have slept in the chamber. bunker arreton Their job would have been to blow up any infrastructure we had built when the Germans tried taking over, to disrupt their advance. The bunkers were set up on the orders of Sir Winston Churchill and there were around 600 patrols across the country – with 14 believed to have been on the Isle of Wight. Tom Sykes – from the British Resistance Archive – said:

“The Auxiliary Units were made up of anyone who knew their local land – farmers, poachers, gamekeepers etc. “Their primary mission was one of sabotage to stop the Germans taking over. “Their role was to cause as much disruption to a German advance as possible. Our men weren’t tasked to fight face to face, but they were trained to do that. “They would have stayed in these bunkers for days on end.”