A business has thrown its support behind the Isle of Wight’s Island Games team – by making a staggering £18,000 donation to support efforts at next year’s event.

ICRTouch – a globally recognised EPOS Software brand based on the Island – has agreed to be the Team IOW uniform sponsors for the NatWest Island Games in Gotland 2017.

The sponsorship deal will supply every member of the team with Tracksuit, T Shirt and Shorts for use throughout the games particularly during the Opening, Closing and Medal Ceremonies.

The striking new design for the Team Uniform features the IW Flag together with the ICRTouch logo.

Island Games design

The Isle of Wight Island Games Association (IWIGA) has a crowdfunding appeal running, and it was through this appeal that ICRTouch became aware of the need for the community to get behind the team.

ICRTouch have agreed to fully fund the uniforms to the tune of £18,000, meaning that all monies raised through the crowdfunding appeal and other fundraising activities will go towards reducing the cost of attending the games for the 150-people squad taking part in Gotland next June.


Getting to Gotland costs in the region of £1,000 per person – according to the IWIGA – with the recent falls in currency markets increasing the cost of travel and accommodation for the team.

Colin Ringer, CEO of ICRTouch said:

“ICRTouch started in 1999 as a small EPOS software project that was supplied to pubs and restaurants around the Isle of Wight. Over the years it has since grown into a globally recognised brand that supplies a world leading suite of EPOS software products to not just the whole of the UK but many other countries also. We now employ around 20 members of staff made up predominantly of software developers, all of which live here on the Isle of Wight and will be moving to new much larger premises at the start of next year in Sandown.

“On a personal level; though I’m aware that I’ve worked hard and have taken the opportunities and risks as they have appeared to me, I also feel quite fortunate to have achieved what I’ve been able to achieve throughout my life. Furthermore; I’m proud of the Isle of Wight and I love where we live but it does make me feel very sad when I see some of the bad press that we’ve received recently.

So I’ve been looking for something that we could invest in that would enable us to give back something to our Island and to young people in particular that will show the rest of the country that Islanders can actually go on to achieve great things! When I found out that Team IOW were in need of a grant to be able to compete in the 2017 island games I figured that this was a good way to achieve that goal but also it’s something that our company and staff can get properly behind whilst helping to promote our brand; I actually think this could be fun!”

Martin Goodall, Chairman of the IWIGA, said:

“To have an internationally recognised company from the Isle of Wight providing this level of financial support to Team IOW is a real boost as we prepare for the games. To find a local business with global reach willing to support their team in this way is beyond our wildest dreams.

“We can’t thank ICRTouch enough for the support they are providing, they have gone the extra mile and more! The IW team have been without any council funding or other corporate sponsorship since the games were held here in 2011. It was a real possibility that without strong support from the IW Community that the chance to compete at this level for future generations of sporting talent would be lost.

“We would still ask the people and businesses of the Island to consider joining with ICRTouch in providing whatever financial support they can to help some amazing young sporting talent have their chance to shine on the International stage. The crowdfunding appeal will remain open for donations to ensure that everyone who is good enough to compete for the Island can get to the games. If lots of people can give a few pounds each then the team will really feel the support of the IW Community behind them as they prepare for the games over the next 8 months.”