“Be bright and be seen – it could save your life” say Hampshire Constabulary’s road policing officers as they try to reduce the number of cyclists killed on the road.

cycling-imageThe clocks go back at the weekend and that spells darker journeys.

A week of action is getting underway to remind cyclists about the importance of riding with lights.

Meanwhile, motorists are being encouraged to be considerate of cyclists.

If you are a cyclist on the Isle of Wight, look out for officers handing out fluorescent rucksack covers, fluorescent neck tubes and “get you home lights”.

Hampshire Constabulary’s Road Safety Sergeant Rob Heard said:

“During this week we will be speaking to cyclists and other road users about safe riding and driving tips and about sharing the road together for the safety of all. Cycling is a great way to keep fit and healthy, however cyclists are one of our vulnerable road users and when they are involved in a collision the injuries can be serious.

“As the light reduces and visibility diminishes it is always good idea for all road users to be bright and as visible as they can. Despite the dangers, some cyclists take the risk of riding without lights, which as well as being illegal, increases their risk of being involved in a collision.

“We hope that this week of action will remind both cyclists and motorists that a little extra consideration of each other will make our roads safer for everyone.”