The number of tourists visiting the Isle of Wight has risen – compared to last year – according to new figures.

In its report for July 2015-June 2016, Visit Isle of Wight said annual visitor numbers now stand at 2.36 million – which doesn’t include those who arrived by private boat or yacht, estimated to be around a further 300,000.


There’s been one million visitors to the Isle of Wight this year, between January and June.

More importantly for the Island’s economy, spending is up by 17 per cent compared to the same time last year (April-June). First time visitors to the Island has also gone up to 16 per cent.

Visit Isle of Wight said 50 per cent of visitors took time to visit an Island attraction in Quarter 2, up 47 per cent against the same time last year. However, Easter was in Quarter 2 this year.

While tourist visitor numbers continues to rise, the number of business trips to the Island is falling.

The Chief Executive of Visit Isle of Wight, David Thornton, said:

“Overall, it is good news. If you take the period of January to November we are up on last year. It’s continuing to grow in the right direction.

“In the summer we saw an increase in the number of day trip visitors, which often happens. People want to come for a day holiday almost.

“What we have noticed is that people are visiting more frequently, but staying for a shorter amount of time. Rather than a week, it’s three or four days.

“September was really good. We were up compared to last September, even though some of the events weren’t as busy this year. Overall, it’s good.

“The spend has shown quite a dramatic improvement. We will get the summer figures at the end of November, but looking at the period to the end of June, the average spend increased from about £165 for an average overnight staying visitor to £198.”

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Supplied by Visit Isle of Wight
Supplied by Visit Isle of Wight