:: The Daily Mail

Supermarkets are refusing to give free parking and reward points to parents who buy formula milk.

:: The FT Weekend

Donald Trump’s economic team vowed to push forward with a campaign promise to launch a $1tn fiscal stimulus and cut corporate taxes by up to 20 percent.

:: The i

The pound has been boosted by the so-called Trump effect, with sterling recovering in anticipation of a Brexit trade deal with the US.

:: The Times

Theresa May’s belief that Donald Trump’s election will be good for Britain is delusional, one of the most senior politicians in Germany has said.

:: The Daily Express

 MPs trying to block Brexit will not succeed, according to the Government.

:: The Guardian

Leading Democrats have begun their fightback against Donald Trump by accusing him of unleashing forces of hate and bigotry.

:: The Daily Telegraph

Anyone with a sore throat should see a pharmacist instead of their GP, the head of the NHS is to announce.

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