Former world champion Jenson Button has announced Sunday’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be his last race in the sport.

Earlier this season, the 36-year-old said he was taking a sabbatical next year but still signed a two-year contract with McLaren.

The deal gives the team an option to reinstate him in 2018, but Button now insists he does not want to return. 

Instead he said he will take up an ambassadorial role with McLaren next year.

I go into this weekend thinking it’s my last race, he said at the press conference ahead of the race.

I think that’s the best way to be. At this moment in time I don’t want to be racing in F1 beyond this race.

Button was previously convinced not to quit F1 by then McLaren chief Ron Dennis, who has now left the post.

The whole idea about having a contract was that in three months’ time when I’ve eaten myself stupid and thinking of things in the future – maybe I’ll feel I need Formula One back in my life, he explained.

But at this moment in time that isn’t the case, so this is my last race. 

That’s how I think about it at the moment. But who knows? That could change in six months, eight months, one year.

It’s been a long journey.

You get to Formula One with many dreams and you aspire to be something and hopefully leave the sport with memories.

That’s something I definitely do have in my 17 years of racing. Lots of life-changing memories – some good, some bad. 

Also to walk away with the world championship is a very special feeling as well.

I raced with two of the teams I dreamt of racing with as a kid, Williams and McLaren.

Over 300 Grands Prix and I will definitely step away from Formula One happy with what I achieved and knowing that my life really does start now.

Button made his F1 debut at the age of 20 in 2000, and won the 2009 world championship with Brawn.

Sunday’s race will be his 305th Grand Prix. 

Stoffel Vandoorne is replacing Button at McLaren next year as team-mate to Fernando Alonso.

(c) Sky News 2016: Jenson Button prepares for ‘last race’ in Formula One