Bus Shelter IOW Helps Island Couple Get Back On Their Feet

After just three weeks since opening its doors, the Bus Shelter IOW has managed to help a couple find permanent accommodation.

Kevin Newton set up the project to help homeless people on the Island get back on their feet.

Three weeks ago, the couple were sleeping in a tent on a playing field in Ryde.

On the charity’s Facebook page, Kevin said:

“They moved into their flat today [Monday] after spending 3 weeks on The Bus Shelter IOW. Happy doesn’t cover how they feel.

“We will be providing a mentoring scheme with them until they are confident to go it alone. This has been made possible through your donations. Your donations help pay for deposits amongst other things.”

The Bus Shelter IOW has now inspired other counties in the UK to start up their own innovative shelter.

On its Facebook page, it announced the Milton Keynes is following the trend and is looking to raise £30,000 to convert a double-decker bus.