Hampshire’s new Police and Crime Commissioner is visiting the Isle of Wight today (Wednesday).

Michael Lane was elected PCC in May, replacing the outgoing commissioner Simon Hayes.

The office of the Police and Crime Commission came about in 2012 and replaced the previous police authority network.

The role of the Police and Crime Commissioner is

  • to monitor and maintain the police force in the area.
  • hold the Chief Constable to account for the delivery of the police and crime plan (the local objectives for policing).
  • responsible for the hiring, firing or suspension of the Chief Constable
  • holding the police purse
  • raising the local policing precept from the council tax
  • annual public report to the public on the progress in policing

The position is an elected post – the previous commissioner was Independent Simon Hayes – in May 2016 the Conservative candidate Michael Lane received nearly twice the amount of votes than his nearest rival – the Labour candidate Robin Price.davidstewart

The Hampshire Police and Crime Panel is responsible for holding the PCC to account – it’s chaired by Isle of Wight Councillor Dave Stewart (pictured), who has a background in policing.