Isle Of Wight’s Little Gracie-Mae Braves The Chop For Cancer Charity

A five year-old Isle of Wight girl from Ryde will brave the chop for charity next month.

On 5 February, Gracie-Mae Peacock will have her long, blonde locks cut off which will be donated to The Little Princess Trust, a charity which makes wigs for children with cancer.

The youngster is also donating money to fund the making of the wig and has raised over £500 pounds so far.

Gracie-Mae Haircut

Her mother Jenna said she is very proud when Gracie-Mae approached her with the idea, but admits she’s a little nervous:

“I’m very proud, that she’s five and she’s wanting to do this for the other children.

“This charity itself [The Little Princess Trust], is very amazing for what they do for the children and also it’s very close to the heart as my husband’s lost his auntie due to cancer so it’s nice of her to think of The Little Princess Trust.”

Jenna said she is overwhelmed by the support so far but welcomes more donations:

“Please if anyone could donate…we’d really appreciate it. It’s an amazing charity and what they do is phenomenal, and thank you so much to everyone that’s already donated and sponsored Gracie-Mae it is really much appreciated.”

If you would like to sponsor Gracie-Mae, visit her ‘JustGiving’ page here.