Vandalism In Wootton Puts Skate Club In Jeopardy

A church hall in Wootton, home of John Cattle’s Skate club, has been hit by vandals over the weekend.

John, who won last year’s Isle of Wight Radio Overall Local Hero Award, was devastated to find St Mark’s Church Hall had its windows smashed, leaving glass all over the area.

Wootton Vandalism

Hampshire Constabulary said it was called at 10.13am on Sunday 8 January to reports of vandalism at the hall.

Officers believe the incident took place some time between 6pm on Saturday 7 January and 10am on Sunday 8 January.

Police were also called twice over the weekend to reports of damage to the fencing around Wootton Lodge, in Church Close, near to the church hall.

Reverend of St Mark’s Church, Veronica Brown, said:

“On 8th January 2017, we were notified of suspected vandalism at the St Mark’s Church Hall, Wootton.

“When we arrived at the church, we found three shattered windows with glass strewn all over the coffee lounge.

“We spent several hours cleaning up the broken glass and boarding up the windows to make the area safe.

“We are now looking into ways to fund and carry out the repair work.”

John Cattle from the skate club said how the damage had affected him:

“We couldn’t use part of it because there were glass shards everywhere. It was tricky because i teach kids with additional needs on Sunday so it was a struggle to get it up and running, make it safe. Luckily I’ve got a fantastic friend who came and helped. We boarded the place up and cleaned up.”

“Over the past two years we have built it up from nothing, we’ve made a lot of people happy in there and it was just frustrating that seconds of some idiocy has just put that in jeopardy really.”