Isle of Wight Full Council Meeting LIVE

We’re live at tonight’s council meeting at County Hall.

Councillor Dave Stewart has been named the Isle of Wight Council’s new leader with 19 votes to 15 (1 abstention).

It follows Monday’s resignation of Councillor Jonathan Bacon.

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21.15 Cllr Whitehouse argues Newport is different because it is a county town. He says the zones aren’t an entire problem solver. He mentions the “rat-run” of Chapel Street and the “life threatening situation” of Wellington Road at school-run time, where 6 schools converge and building work is on-going at Christ The King school.

21.12 The discussion is over a proposal for Residents’ Parking Zones in Newport. Cllr Lora Peacey-Wilcox warns it doesn’t guarantee parking and in Cowes her residents still have to park streets away.

21.10 Councillors are talking about parking problems. Newport, East Cowes and Appley all mentioned.

21.02 Finally some agreement here, amidst apologies for behaviour and “dreadful scenes” at tonight’s meeting. 32 votes for and 0 against. The Council supports the MND Charter.

20.57 Debate about whether the Isle of Wight Council should adopt the Motor Neurone Disease charter, giving Islanders with MND some support and guidance. More here.

20.54 A motion to change the way council tax is charged on empty homes on the Isle of Wight is passed.

20.48 The meeting will be extended. Chair Cllr Charles Chapman apologises to people in the gallery for what’s happened at the meeting and admits it’s been difficult for him too.

20.45 An amendment is defeated. The motion is carried 21 in favour, 0 against and 4 abstentions.

20.41 Discussions over whether council tax benefit should be cut.

20.17 A new head of Scrutiny has not been appointed at tonight’s meeting.

20.06 Cllr Geoff Lumley has left the meeting under “extreme protest”.

Councillor Geoff Lumley leaves the meeting. He has told Isle of Wight Radio that he "does not speak to us" and refused to comment.
Councillor Geoff Lumley leaves the meeting. He has told us he “does not speak to Isle of Wight Radio” and refused to comment.

19.53 Options are to appoint a new Chair of Scrutiny; or to not appoint one, in which case the vice chair will chair, or in the event the vice chair cannot act, Scrutiny Committee will appoint a chair at each meeting. A new committee chair is needed because Council Leader Cllr Dave Stewart was in the role.

19.48 Loud arguments over decision over Scrutiny head. 18 members vote to remove Councillor Geoff Lumley from the Chamber.  Cllr Lumley has accused UKIP members of being “neo-fascist”. Cllr Lumley is refusing to move. Meeting adjourned.

19.39 Meeting resumes

18:39 Cllr Ian Stephens: “The Isle of Wight cannot afford to wait three months while we try and get something on track….I believe the Independent Administration will go from strength to strength. [My resignation from the Executive} wasn’t an ideal thing to do…but took guts.” Applause.

18:37 Councillor Geoff Lumley asked not to interrupt on several occasions and warned he may be asked to leave.

18:34pm Arguments and Councillors being told to keep to order as we head towards the vote. Currently speaking, Cllr Darryl Pitcher.

18.26pm Cllr Dave Stewart speaks before the vote: “Now is not the time for politics…now is the time for action….I believe we have a duty to the electorate. I’ve agreed to form a cross-party administration. I have decided to accept the nomination…to lead the council until May. My leadership will be professional, ethical and one of integrity.”

18.17pm A discussion is underway about who should be the new leader of the IW Council.

Nominations for leader: Councillor Dave Stewart, Councillor Ian Stephens

Speeches for the respective nominees, at the moment.