The Isle of Wight Council Planning Committee are meeting today to discuss plans for Red Funnel at East Cowes and homes on land at Ryde.

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They’ll be making decisions on five applications – including Red Funnel’s proposals for East Cowes, a rebuild for Carisbrooke College and a proposal to build 80 houses on land at Westridge near Ryde.

It’s Red Funnel’s second application to Isle of Wight Council, including revised plans for a new terminal at East Cowes and a marshalling yard. The previous application, which included the demolition of houses and businesses on Dover Road in the town is now the in the hands of the Planning Inspectorate.

It’s being recommended for ‘conditional permission’.

Land south of  Westridge Farm has had plans for redevelopment submitted. The developer’s have requested permission for 80 homes on land there, but there’s been vocal opposition from pressure group ‘Save Westridge Farm’.

It’s being recommended for ‘conditional permission’.

Carisbrooke Academy on Wellington Road is applying for permission to demolish a large part of existing buildings and build a 2/3 storey building for use by 600 pupils.

It’s also being recommended for ‘conditional permission’.

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Jamie White 24th January 20177:56 pm

Meeting adjourned on health grounds

Jamie White 24th January 20177:56 pm

Debate to see if meeting can be adjourned, ahead of Carisbrooke decision

Jamie White 24th January 20177:54 pm

Westridge Farm refused by vote 8-1

Jamie White 24th January 20177:52 pm

Cllr Fuller- says a real concern for health providers is at capacity. The infrastructure needs to be improved and need to be able to ensure that developers contribute to our systems.

Jamie White 24th January 20177:48 pm

Cllr Price – we have a duty to protect working farmland

Jamie White 24th January 20177:46 pm

Cllr Nicholson proposes that the application should be rejected on the grounds of unsuitable access road

Jamie White 24th January 20177:32 pm

Jamie White 24th January 20177:27 pm

Cllr Price – questions if the planning committee should be making decisions on working farmland being converted to housing

Jamie White 24th January 20177:24 pm

Isle of Wight Council officers highlight that some points of Cllr Whitby-Smith’s speech do not apply to the decision that members have to make.

Jamie White 24th January 20177:19 pm

A passionate speech from Cllr Whitby-Smith against the Westridge Farm proposal.

Jamie White 24th January 20177:17 pm

Cllr Whitby-Smith – It is our duty as representatives of the people to preserve our Island.

Jamie White 24th January 20177:03 pm

Westridge Farm proposal for 80 homes now – local councillor Mr Whitby-Smith says he is astonished that the proposal has been recommended for conditional approval, especially where flooding is concerned.

Jamie White 24th January 20176:59 pm

Red Funnel say they will know in a few days where they stand, but Chief Executive Kevin George says they are committed to regenerating East Cowes.

Lucy Morgan 24th January 20176:53 pm

Meanwhile..we’ll have reaction from Red Funnel shortly about a split decision that also appears to have been called in.

Lucy Morgan 24th January 20176:51 pm

A discussion over plans for Westridge Farm is now getting underway.

Jamie White 24th January 20176:42 pm

Split decision – 3 against, 7 for. – Mrs Perera (Deputy Head of Planning) says it is a risk to go with a split decision.

Jamie White 24th January 20176:39 pm

Cllr Lumley – says he is extremely uncomfortable with the process, especially where the concerns of local residents is concerned. And that as lay members they are lacking in the technical knowledge required for the application and have to react with a gut reaction rather than just rubber stamping officers recommendations.

Jamie White 24th January 20176:34 pm

Debate over keeping area B and refusing area A continues.

Jamie White 24th January 20176:18 pm

Jamie White 24th January 20176:08 pm

Cllr Hollis – says there should be a split decision, approving Trinity yard with a condition that it should be returned to marine industry if not required. The Redux site should be turned down.

Jamie White 24th January 20175:58 pm

Cllr Hollis – says the constraint is not the size of the marshalling yard, it’s the size of the ferries. If we were to agree to the Trinity Wharf part of the application, the applicant could rethink the other part of their application which is lorries.

Jamie White 24th January 20175:54 pm

Cllr Lumley – agrees it’s a shame about the lack of community engagement.

Jamie White 24th January 20175:53 pm

Cllr Price – shame that there has been a lack of community engagement

Jamie White 24th January 20175:48 pm

Mike Gildersleeves, Principal Planning Officer – we must consider the application before us.

Jamie White 24th January 20175:48 pm

Cllr Nicholson – wants to know what other scenarios that Red Funnel might have considered. He says there seems to be very little change.

Jamie White 24th January 20175:45 pm

Mike Gildersleeves, Principal Planning Officer – says there are buildings in East Cowes which can be used, as well as other places on the Island.

Jamie White 24th January 20175:43 pm

Cllr Fuller – can I get reassurance that there will not be a loss of maritme industry because of this application?

Jamie White 24th January 20175:38 pm

Mike Gildersleeves, Principal Planning Officer – this application is a stand alone application and has nothing to do with the previous application.

Jamie White 24th January 20175:37 pm

Cllr Whitby-Smith – have Red Funnel had further discussion with local people? He says it’s part of the reason the first application was sent back.

Jamie White 24th January 20175:34 pm

Councillor questions now…

Jamie White 24th January 20175:29 pm

Cllr Hillard – these plans lack community benefit. It’s not a larger marshalling yard, but cheaper ferry tickets that will bring people to East Cowes

Jamie White 24th January 20175:28 pm

6th speaker – Councillor Louisa Hillard – sites such as East Cowes are key to the future with marine industry.

Jamie White 24th January 20175:25 pm

5th public speaker – Peter Tomlinson, Education Destination – in support ‘show the Isle of Wight’ can deliver the best education experience for children

Jamie White 24th January 20175:23 pm

David Thornton – we’re very pleased that Red Funnel have taken on board comments for this application

Jamie White 24th January 20175:23 pm

David Thornton – it is not everyday that a business proposes to spend this amount of money

Jamie White 24th January 20175:22 pm

4th public speaker – David Thornton, CEO Visit Isle of Wight – we support this application

Jamie White 24th January 20175:21 pm

3rd public speaker – Murray Carter, customer services director, Red Funnel – creation of marshalling yard will lead to increased efficiency of the gateway to the Isle of Wight.

Jamie White 24th January 20175:19 pm

Margaret Webster – East Cowes requires and demands a better gateway to the Isle of Wight

Jamie White 24th January 20175:19 pm

Margaret Webster – this application is selfish and inappropriate

Jamie White 24th January 20175:18 pm

Margaret Webster – ideally early arrivals should be able to park in the town and use the shops

Jamie White 24th January 20175:16 pm

2nd public speaker – Margaret Webster, Mayor of East Cowes

It’s a wasted opportunity, it will create major problems on the highway.
Jamie White 24th January 20175:15 pm

Martha James – residents willing to work with Red Funnel

Jamie White 24th January 20175:15 pm

Martha James – residents of Dover Road will have their lives made ‘intolerable’ by traffic

Jamie White 24th January 20175:12 pm

Martha James – there is no other site where businesses could relocate

Jamie White 24th January 20175:11 pm

1st public speaker – Martha James –

Although the site is smaller [than the previous application], the loss of marine employment land will have an effect on the Island.