Aussie swimming star Grant Hackett has been found safe and well after going missing, according to his father.

Neville Hackett told local media his son had messaged his mother to say he was safe.

He’s spoken to police. He’s actually hiding because he’s very, very embarrassed about all this, he said.

Earlier he had appealed for help to find his son, saying the Olympic champion needs urgent help.

He left a hotel at the Gold Coast at 7.30 this morning, very depressed and not in a good condition, he added.

We’re extremely worried about him.

Hackett was arrested earlier this week over a domestic incident at his father’s home, described by his father as a bit of a breakdown.

He was released without charge on Wednesday.

On Friday morning, Hackett posted a photo on Instagram of himself with a black eye.

He wrote: My brother comments to the media… but does anyone know he beat the s**t out of me.

Everyone knows he is an angry man.

Hackett has struggled with addiction and other issues since his retirement after the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

During his career, he won the 1500m freestyle in both the 2000 Sydney and 2004 Athens Olympics and also won four world titles.

He attempted a comeback for the Rio Games but he narrowly missed out on a place.

In 2014 he checked into a US rehabilitation clinic to treat an addiction to sleeping pills.

His brother Craig said on Wednesday: This is not Grant Hackett, this is a completely different person.

I don’t know this person, my mum and dad don’t know this person. He’s there in body, but he is not there in mind, in soul, or spirit.

President of the Australian Olympic Committee John Coates said: This is not the Grant we know and respect.

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