The Wightlink Warriors are introducing a new price range this season for young adults aged 17-20 at £7 – the same as students.

The deal puts in place a step up entry price from child’s pricing, which is free, to adult pricing at £12.

Commercial Director Barry Bishop said:

“In 2016, the crowds attending the Andrew Younie stadium increased week on week and Martin [Widman] and I firmly believe this was down to our incentive to allow children aged 16 and under in  for free, along with the Warrior Way and fun packed speedway nights.

“We want to continue the growth of the club with this success in mind, and after reading some valuable family feedback on the British Speedway Forum about the cost increase from child to adult plus the fact our youth now must be in a form education until they are 18, the Warriors have great pleasure to introduce Young Adult pricing.

“Young Adult pricing will be £7 in 2017 for people aged 17 to 20, which is in line with our student pricing. We know this step will bring more young adults to speedway plus we hope it will offer support to maintain the family unit at speedway nights with a more gradual price increase once children become young adults. We are confident that once our young adult support increases and speedway becomes more and more the place to be on the Island, our fan base will continue its dramatic 2016 growth to ensure its solid fan base for the future.

“The Wightlink Warriors want to make it easy for fans to register for young adult entry prices. Fans will need to bring their photo ID and proof of age, have their photo taken and they will be supplied with a Young Adult pass. The Warriors will of course extend the pricing to away fans and kindly remind them to please bring photo ID with them when their club races the Wightlink Warriors.”