Health, fitness and exercise. They’re not the first words to enter our heads when we think of Paul Topping… not for much longer, though, thanks to InShape fitness in Cowes!

Paul, Heather, and Hayley can usually be found in the Isle of Wight Radio office, right next to the biscuit tin and doughnut drawer. Their daily exercise consists of walking to the office microwave and back once or twice a day (which we’re sure does wonders for their fitness)…

That’s all set to change, though! Our three fitness pioneers are setting themselves the challenge to go from couch potatoes to fitness perfecto’s! We’ve teamed up with InShape fitness in Cowes to get our three athlete wannabe’s from 0 to 5k by May!

In just a few weeks the team are going to train hard to be ready for the ultimate test… a 5-kilometre run! To the avid sporting enthusiast this might not sound much, but going from zero to hero can challenge even the very best! InShape fitness in Cowes have got their work cut out with these three…

In Shape is a 2500ft² facility situated on the outskirts of the sailing town of Cowes, on the Isle of Wight. Three separate workout rooms offer a variety of equipment, there is also the addition of modern changing facilities which include showers and a state of the art sunbed.

We’ll be tracking Paul, Hayley and Heather’s progress as they train, giving you sneak peeks into their routines.

Day 1 – Induction