Lessons Must Be Learned Says Isle Of Wight Dad Left Paralysed After Hospital Visit

Lessons must be learned by doctors to prevent others’ lives being ruined, says a Newport man who was sent home from St Mary’s Hospital without a vital scan and with an undiagnosed severe spinal condition.

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39-year-old Steven Chiverton had a prolapsed disc that was destroying the nerves in the base of his spine and causing a condition called cauda equina syndrome.  However an operation was delayed by several days, says his solicitor, after doctors at St Mary’s Hospital decided his case was not urgent and did not require an MRI scan. Mr Chiverton was discharged.

He returned to hospital by ambulance three days later because he had lost feeling in his legs and was numb from the waist down. He had an urgent MRI and was transferred by air ambulance to Southampton General Hospital for surgery.

Mr Chiverton now lives with permanent severe back pain, numbness and other conditions. He has to use crutches and a wheelchair.

According to Mr Chiverton’s solicitor, last April the hospital trust admitted that, if Steven had been given an MRI scan in May 2014, his condition would have been diagnosed and the permanent damage to his spine would have been prevented.

Isle of Wight Radio has requested a statement from the Isle of Wight NHS Trust.

*UPDATED 6.24pm

*An Isle of Wight NHS spokesman said:

“We’re sorry that Mr Chiverton has concerns about his experience of care with us.

“We take all concerns about our services seriously and have a full range of arrangements in place for resolution of concerns and complaints.

“Mr Chiverton has chosen to take a legal route to resolve his concerns and whilst this issue is the subject of legal proceedings the Trust is unable to comment further.”