“Improvement” CEO Parachuted In To Help Trust Improve

An “experienced” NHS CEO is working with the Isle of Wight’s NHS Trust to help it improve.

Philippa Slinger will work to help improve the Isle of Wight NHS Trust.
Philippa Slinger (Image: Twitter) will work to help improve the Isle of Wight NHS Trust.

Philippa Slinger is expected to support the organisation for several months, delivering improvement even before a CQC Inspection report into the trust is published.

On Friday, Eve Richardson, Chair of the Isle of Wight NHS Trust wrote to staff to introduce her:

“I am sure you will all join me in welcoming Philippa to the Island and we welcome the support from NHS Improvement to help us achieve what we all seek – that is the best care for our patients and the range of people that we serve across the Island.”

Yesterday (Tuesday), Chief Executive Karen Baker gave an interview to Isle of Wight Radio She did not comment on suggestions that the Trust could be placed in “special measures”.

Praising staff for their hard work, Ms Baker explained that the hospital’s leadership team is still working through a draft report, to make final comments and correct inaccuracies (changes must be submitted by 28 March), before it is published in a few weeks.

She has now set up an email address for staff who want to ask questions about the process and has written a letter to Trust employees:

“…NHS Improvement has yet to formally receive the CQC’s report and then decide whether the Trust should be placed in ‘special measures’. We only received the draft CQC report for factual accuracy checking late on Friday. We cannot comment on a report which is not ours and has not yet been published.

“However, NHS Improvement have recognised the challenging times we are in and we are fortunate to have an Improvement Director appointed now, as many Trusts only receive that support after they are put in ‘special measures’.

“Philippa’s role is to focus on improvement whilst we carry on providing care and I’m very pleased to have her support.

“I went on IW Radio’s breakfast show…because I want the efforts that you are making to address the concerns raised by the CQC to be recognised. I and many others know that you are caring, compassionate and working really hard to give Islanders the best possible healthcare experience. We want that to shine through whatever criticism may be made of the Trust.”

Hear Karen Baker’s interview here.