The owner of a Bembridge business says he is still fighting for his future, despite being given a lease extension by the parish council.

The building which houses Captain Stan’s fish store, 5-7 High Street, had been put up for sale by Bembridge Parish Council and planning permission applied for to convert it into flats.

It meant the future of Captain Stan’s and two other businesses were under threat.

Mike Curtis who runs Captain Stan’s says the sale has been withdrawn though and his lease has been extended by the council. However, planning permission to convert the building is still being applied for.

Mike says it’s only a part victory:

“The council still wants to go ahead with planning permission, which a large number of villagers are opposed to and we ares still fighting that.

“We held a public meeting on Thursday (16) which was an opportunity for those of us who want to improve democracy in the village.

“The primary objective was to withdraw the sale of 5-7 high street which has been achieved, but the parish council says it might review that in a year or two’s time. So it is only a part victory.

“We are still trying to fight the planning permission which has been put through. Despite withdrawing the sale, the council still wants to press ahead with that. We are still fighting that and the only way we can do this will be at the May elections when we can vote for councillors who care about the village.

“As far as we are concerned, the council have agreed to extend our lease. We had a letter four hours before the public meeting.

“It doesn’t’ end until we have protection for the building and a parish council which reflects the views of the people who they represent. We need more communication from the parish council moving forward and that is key.”

Pictured: Spike Hughes (SH Tree Services), Mike Curtis (Captain Stan’s) and Bembridge businessman Alasdair Steane outside 5-7 High Street.