An Isle of Wight farm has won a top award from the Countryside Alliance.

Members of the Griffin family with Andrea Leadsom MP

Briddlesford Lodge Farm has won the Clarissa Dickson Wright award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Food, Farming and Education’.

The award was presented to members of the Griffin family, who have been farming there since the 1920’s, by Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom MP at the House of Lords on Wednesday (22nd March).

Shortly after, the Palace of Westminster was put on lock down following the terror attack which saw 4 people die. Members of the family were kept there in to the evening.

Paul Griffin is a partner at

The Hop Kiln at Briddlesford Lodge Farm

Briddlesford Lodge Farm, he said of the award:

“The Griffin family is delighted and proud to have been awarded this prestigious prize. We know Clarissa would be proud of us too, because we champion all that she believed in so passionately.  We won the award because we are a genuine working dairy farm.  We have struggled to survive in common with all other dairy farmers, but we have refused to be beaten, and have managed to raise the profile of quality Isle of Wight food, in particular our own milk and dairy products.

“We have done this, not only by getting close to the consumer through our Farm Shop and Bluebells Cafe, but also by concentrating on educating children and adults about the value and necessity of our food and farming.  We have also developed a thriving market for our own veal, and our Guernsey herd ranks among the best in the world.”