An Isle of Wight primary school is opening it’s doors to a different generation tomorrow (Tuesday).

Queensgate Foundation Primary school is working on a project with Age UK to break down barriers between young and old.

Age UK Isle of Wight

A coffee afternoon will welcome guests aged 50 plus from Age UK for a tour of the school.

It’s part of the Education 50 Plus project from Age UK and hopes to encourage members of the older generation to take part in reading projects with the children from Queensgate Foundation Primary.

11 year old Alfie Faulkner is a member of the school council:

“It going to contain tours around our school and what we’re made of… showing our best and what we can do, what we’re like in our school.

“We’re having supplied hot drinks and snacks and there’s going to be a talk from the leader of the project Mr Sizer and a talk from the headteacher Mrs Sillito.”

Nine year old Millie Blake is also on the school council at Queensgate Foundation Primary school:

“Some people think that young people are a little bit rough, but we think we’re not, we’re trying to be calm. We don’t know if we’re saying something wrong or not being nice.

“We’ll show them the classrooms and what we usually do for [sic] our time and what we normally do when we work and what we do when we cook, what we kind of cook and some art stuff that we have.”

The coffee afternoon takes place at Queensgate Foundation Primary School on Beatrice Avenue from 1.15 tomorrow (Tuesday).

main picture: Alfie Faulkner and Millie Blake from Queensgate Foundation Primary School