WATCH: TV’s Chris Packham Responds After Malta “Arrest”

Chris Packham releases a statement via Facebook Live.

Isle of Wight Zoo supporter, TV presenter Chris Packham, has been charged with assault in Malta, it is reported. Meanwhile he has taken to Facebook Live to argue his side of the story.

The conservationist and Springwatch host was detained after an alleged altercation on Gozo, off Malta, as he was filming a documentary.

He later released a statement on social media that has been watched by more than 30,000 people, telling his audience “…two trappers claimed that I’d assaulted them.”

See it here:

Mr Packham said it was him and his team who had been the victims. He will appear in court later today (Thursday).

In a statement, the wildlife campaigner’s agent said:

“Whilst filming an interview on the public roadside, a vehicle appeared and two men jumped out shouting at Chris and his team, shoving them aggressively.”