The chairman of Newport Football Club says talks are progressing well regarding its new home.

The club has been served a stay of execution at St George’s Park until May 2018, by landlords South Coast Leisure.

Stuart Ross
Newport FC Chairman, Stuart Ross

The club says ‘positive talks’ are continuing with the Isle of Wight Council and South Coast Leisure for a new ground, with at least two sites earmarked as potential options.

Stuart Ross said:

“Long term, there is a lot of going on in the background with all parties involved. Time is always against us, but if we can secure a piece of land then we should see development of a new ground and facilities soon – with the help of South Coast Leisure and the local authority.

“I’m very very confident there is a long term future for this club. If there wasn’t, I would be open and honest with people, but I believe we had a very bright future.

“We have come to an agreement with South Coast Leisure and we are also grateful to the Isle of Wight Council for its support. It has secured our short term future, but we hope to have our long term future secured by the start of the 2018/19 season.

“The club has been around for 129 years and I hope we have another 129 years ahead of us.”