Already four points down from a home defeat, the Wightlink Warriors fared no better in the second leg of the Knock Out Cup with Plymouth going down by 13 points on the night and 98-81 on aggregate.

Warriors were forced into borrowing local Plymouth youngsters Saul Bulley and Craig Nethercott to complete their injured hit side, whilst the Devon outfit were without Benji Compton who had not recovered from his fall in the first leg and so employed the Rider Replacement facility.

This really played into the home teams hands with the number one rider Steve Boxall able to take an additional ride and he went on to complete a full six ride maximum on the night and contribute 32 points to his teams overall match total.

Warriors did not go down without a fight with skipper James Cockle and Nathan Greaves working overtime to stem the tide, but unfortunately the tail failed to wag and the home team got home comfortably and will face Birmingham in the next round.

Plymouth Devils:

Steve Boxall 18, Richard Andrews 7+1, Lee Smart 13, Callum Walker 4+2, Benji Compton R/R, Rob Parker 2+1, Henry Atkins 7+1.

Isle of Wight Warriors:

Ben Wilson 6+1, Tyler Govier R/R, James Cockle 11, Chris Widman 7+1, Nathan Greaves 10, Jamie Sealey 1+1, Saul Bulley 1, Craig Nethercott 2.

Final Result: Plymouth Devils 51 Wightlink Warriors 38

Warriors now have a week to re-group with the next action at the Andrew Younie Smallbrook Stadium on Thursday (4 May) at 7pm when Swindon Sprockets visit in the National Trophy.


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