A teenage British racing driver who had both legs amputated following a crash has said his goal is to get back behind the wheel.

Billy Monger collided with a stationary car at full speed during the Formula 4 championship at Donington Park, Leicestershire, last month.

Hospital staff battled to save his life after he was trapped inside his car for 90 minutes but despite their best efforts Billy lost both of his lower legs.

Speaking from the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, the teenager said: When I found out the extent of my injuries I still didn’t think I would get the support that I have got. It just shows you when a tragic event like this happens how people pull together.

He added: I definitely want to take the positives out of this and make sure that I use it in a positive way for the rest of my life now.

I have still got a few years in me for sure so I want to prove how much you can do even with something like this.

Billy’s story has spread all over the world with more than £800,000 raised through online funding to help with his recovery.

Formula 1 champions Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have given their backing to the teenager.

Billy has also received a letter of support from the Grand Prix Drivers Association which he described as having really touched my heart.

Billy, who refers to himself on Twitter as Billy The Whizz, turned 18 on Friday and is due to leave hospital on Saturday.

He said he wanted to take the opportunity to thank the medical staff for caring for him over the past few weeks.

I started off in a different ward and now we are in the major trauma ward so I’ve been through a fair few of staff here.

They have all lived up to high expectations. It has been truly inspiring to see how supportive they are of all patients, not just me, and without them I wouldn’t be here today.

So a massive thanks to every single one of the staff who have helped me. It’s going to be emotional saying goodbye to them all.

Billy’s mother Amanda, who described what happened to her son as all your nightmares rolled into one, also praised the hospital staff.

They saved Billy’s life and helped us all get through it and that – with the crowdfunding thing – has helped us through the three weeks.

It’s incredible. He’s just the same Billy he’s always been. He’s always had to fight… I don’t think people have seen the last of Billy.

The family are due to return to their home in Charlwood, Surrey, after Billy’s discharge from hospital.

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