New posters aiming to save the lives of the Isle of Wight’s red squirrels have been unveiled.

The posters, the work of local graphic designer Kate Northover, will be displayed at roads which have seen the greatest number of red squirrel deaths.

It’s hoped it will encourage drivers to slow down and be aware of red squirrels in the area.

Helen Butler, from the Wight Squirrel Project, said:

“We’re looking at places where there’s five, six, seven perhaps, road kills a year. Perhaps Victoria Avenue in Shanklin… Leeson Road, and several other places around the Island. So if you think ‘oh, I ‘d like to have one of those signs in my hedge and I know there’s five, six squirrels a year killed where I am’, please ring me.”

Designer Kate Northover has designed the Wight Squirrel website and also designed the Isle of Wight Red Squirrel Trust logo.

Helen said:

“Kate is really fun, got a great sense of humour, she came up with the ideas, the sayings, the slogans on them, it’s all Kate.”

You can get in touch with the Wight Squirrel Project by calling 01983 611003 or email [email protected]

1. Slow! Squirrel posters from the Wight Squirrel Project

2. Slow! Squirrel posters from the Wight Squirrel Project

3. Slow! Squirrel posters from the Wight Squirrel Project