The Isle of Wight’s foster care team are out across the Island encouraging people to think about becoming foster parents, as part of Foster Care fortnight.

The Adoption and Fostering service run by Isle of Wight Council, is looking for more carers and adopters, particularly those who can accommodate a sibling group.

Kathy Marriott, Area Director for Children’s Social Care, said:

“At the MOMENT we have about 220 children (on the Isle of Wight) who require support from either foster carers or require respite care.

“We are always looking for people who are interested in fostering to support children on the Island.

“There are a lot of myths out there about who can be a foster carer. My response when people ask is often to ask them ‘what qualities would you want someone to have if they were looking after your child?’

“So if you can offer, love, support, inspiration, stability, care, patience; then we’d love to talk to you about becoming a foster carer and making a real difference to Island children.”

There are several common criteria that are required in order to become a Foster Carer:

• Be at least 21 years old
• Have a spare bedroom
• Be full time resident in the UK
• To be able to give time and care to a child often on a full time basis

Recent feedback from Island children about our foster carers, includes:

• they helped me get into college
• they are always looking out for me
• he is kind and nice to us and helpful to us
• she’s the best in the world.

Foster carers are provided with a generous allowance and are offered full training and ongoing support. More information can be found here –