Bob Seely in Ryde.

The Isle of Wight’s new MP – Bob Seely – says he’s been talking with Government ministers about the future of Sandown Bay Academy.

The Academies Enterprise Trust says it’s looking to close the school and merge it with Ryde Academy.


Mr Seely says that although the relevant minister isn’t yet officially in post, they have had conversations and they’re ready to act:

“The minute they are in place, they are ringing me. I have had two conversations over the last couple of days. They are aware this is an ongoing situation and they are aware this is a significant issue for the Island and one that needs ot be resolved.

“I am working very heard to make sure this gets resolved in the right way for Sandown and the right way for the Island.”

Mr Seely’s comments come after it was revealed that school governors and the headteacher at Ryde weren’t consulted over AET’s place to close Sandown and merge it with Ryde.

Mr Seely added:

“I am 100% completely behind the plans of the council [to create an all through school for 4-18 year olds]. Those plans are backed by parents, teachers and students of the school. I am working to keep a secondary school in Sandown and remove AET from the running of that school.”