Parents in China are calling for the latest toy craze – miniature crossbows that shoot toothpicks – to be banned.

They are concerned that the ‘toothpick crossbows’ could cause injuries and even blind children.

The new toys are available online and in shops and sell for as little as seven yuan – about 80p.

The Shanghai Daily Newspaper said shop owners were struggling to meet demand.

Although the toy is intended to be used with toothpicks, if replaced with metal needles they could be powerful enough to crack glass, the newspaper said.

Police in China’s Chengdu have reportedly stopped sales of the toy and parents have urged the government to introduce a nationwide ban.

And parents in the UK, already frustrated by the fidget spinners craze, could find themselves facing demands for more dangerous toys.

The mini crossbows are available on eBay and other internet sites for import into the country.

(c) Sky News 2017: Could dangerous toothpick crossbow craze be new fidget spinner?