The Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) has admitted it has made a ‘mistake’ by stating that Ryde headteacher, Joy Ballard, will become the Executive Principal of Sandown Bay Academy.

AET – the Trust which runs Ryde Academy and Sandown Bay Academy – announced to Isle of Wight Radio yesterday (Wednesday) that Ms Ballard would step into the role in September.

An AET spokesperson has told Isle of Wight Radio that information was ‘incorrect’ and it has ‘made a mistake’.

It’s unclear what AET actually has planned.

Ryde Academy

AET added that it would be providing a statement to Isle of Wight Radio today or tomorrow.

Meanwhile, according to the Academies Enterprise Trust, Richard Kelly will be Head of School at Sandown Bay Academy. He is already working alongside outgoing Principal Claire Charlemagne, who leaves on 31 August.


A consultation is continuing over the future of Sandown Bay Academy and whether it should merge with Ryde. The Isle of Wight Council is running an alternative consultation over plans to create a through-school for 4 to 18-year-olds.