Isle Of Wight Pride: All You Need To Know

The very first Isle of Wight Pride event will be held in Ryde this Saturday (15th July)

What is ‘Pride’?

Pride events are a strong reminder to those who identify as LGBTQ who have lived through countless historical struggles including criminalisation of homosexuality, the AIDS epidemic, Section 28, and the prejudice and abuse felt by so many as they struggle to take pride in who they were born to be.

Ryde Pride organisers say the Isle of Wight has a part to play:

Our vision for Isle of Wight Pride is for this to be an opportunity to celebrate and for us to take pride in how far we have come, how proud we are of our beautiful Island but also, just as importantly we need to highlight the work that still needs to be done. We really hope that we will also show that the Isle of Wight is a great place to live and a welcoming place to visit gaining us a reputation as a friendly destination for everyone.

The beginning of Pride will be the parade. This event starts at 11 o’clock from Ryde School from 11 am, down West Street, Union Street and down to the Pride village at the harbour, which will host a band and child-friendly areas including a sand kingdom. 

The main section of the day finishes at 7:30 pm, when the after-party will begin and finish at around 2 am in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Eve White is one of the organisers of the inaugural event:

After all this hard work, I hope it’ll be a legacy event and that it’ll continue every year.

The route for Saturday's Ryde Pride
The route for Saturday’s Pride parade in Ryde.

The organisers say they want Saturday to be a positive occasion:

“Ultimately our goal is that Isle of Wight Pride will be a celebration. It is a chance for us to stand together whether we are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Straight as an Island community, to show that Love Wins over hatred, intolerance and prejudice”

isle of wight pride (narrow)

You can find more details via the IW Pride website here.