Bigger And Better: Ryde Slide Returns


Bigger, longer and better…The Ryde Slide is back!

Ryde is enjoying its busiest weekend of the year.

After the Isle of Wight’s first ever Pride event, Union Street is being transformed into one big 200m inflatable slide for the third time.

Slide founder, Cllr Wayne Whittle says it’ll be better than ever:

“We’ve overcome all our technical things that we’ve had to learn with the slide and this year we should have it absolutely right.

“It’s sold out – and we can’t wait to see everyone sliding down Un ion Street with a smile on their face.”

ryde slide

Tickets to go down the slide have now completely SOLD OUT, but hundreds of people will be making their way to Union Street to watch people skim their way down the 200-metre thrill seekers’ heaven.

How It All Began:

In 2013 Wayne Whittle, then Mayor of Ryde, was sent a photo of Bristol’s ‘Park and Slide’ – a 100m water slide installed in Bristol. The picture was sent to Wayne on Twitter. Wayne thought the road in Bristol where the water slide was located looked similar to Union Street in Ryde, so he pushed for the event to happen. In July 2015, the Ryde Slide was born.

There are a number of organisations and sponsors involved and the event raises money for local charities.

Union St

You can find all the details about the Ryde Slide by clicking here.