Team GB’s hockey heroes have helped the Isle of Wight Hockey Club’s annual Phil Selby Memorial Day the most successful yet.

Rio gold medallists Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh, and Team GB veterans Brett Garrard and Ben Hawes visited as part of the day on Saturday (22), teaching more than 70 youngsters in a morning session.

helen-and-kate richardson-walsh
Helen and Kate Richardson-Walsh

In total, more than 100 people took part and over £500 raised for charity.

Kate Richardson-Walsh
Kate Richardson-Walsh

The players all signed autographs and posed for selfies and group photos, before each taking part in a friendly adult member tournament in the afternoon.

helen richardson-walsh
Helen Richardson-Walsh

More than 40 senior players took part in the afternoon, all getting the chance to play alongside their hockey idols.

Ben Hawes
Ben Hawes

Chairman of the Isle of Wight Hockey Club Harry Kirby said:

“The day was nothing short of fantastic. Kate, Helen, Brett and Ben were all superb, and to have over 100 people take part was beyond our expectations.

“It is fair to say everyone who attended, both junior and senior members, were a little star struck having four world class players there, two who so memorably won gold at the Rio Olympics only last year.

“Both Kate and Helen let members hold their gold medals and take photos with them which the youngsters and parents alike really appreciated. They are welcome back anytime and I cannot thank them enough.

“I also want to say thank you to the club members who organised the day, and to Phil’s family for being part of the day and playing a huge part in arranging for the Team GB players to come to Smallbrook. Without them it would not happen.”