Courtesy of Isle of Wight Council.

The Isle of Wight Council has confirmed that work is underway to “re-channel” the gully on Ryde Beach.

The news comes after the Council’s initial statement on 26 July which warned Island residents to be cautious when walking on the beach, particularly during high tide.

Contributed. Gully on Ryde beach
Contributed. Gully on Ryde beach.

The Council says they will “back fill” by flattening the newly formed sandbank on the seaward side of the gully.

They hope that this will then reduce the beach side build-up of sand into the recently formed gully and will ultimately make the beach a safe and gentle slope down to the water edge.

Courtesy of Isle of Wight Council.
Work being undertaken on the Ryde Beach gully.

Brightstone landscaping are undertaking the work on behalf of the Council as well as the Environment Agency.